17 Minutes to Launch

I begged my Mama to tell me my birth story over and over as I grew up.  She always told me the exact same story.  On a wonderful, summer Thursday morning back in the 60’s, Mama and Daddy sat down to eat breakfast.  Well, Daddy sat and Mama worked; cooking the eggs, sausage, toast, andContinue reading “17 Minutes to Launch”

The Rooftop Blanket of Darkness

  Shame This is the first of a series of short stories explaining the difficulty I face in admitting the brokenness with which I was raised. I speak to the shame that has plagued society for generations, that of domestic violence. It is a human condition issue; no one is immune, and I believe eachContinue reading “The Rooftop Blanket of Darkness”

A Snow Day with Peanut

Snow Day! Most kids love to play in the first good snow, but with temperatures below 10 degrees, this Grammy said, “Nooooooooooooo!” Peanut got here about 8:00 a.m.  We started with a breakfast of sausage and scrambled eggs with orange juice.  Yum!  Of course, this Grammy just ate a boiled egg with coffee. We decided toContinue reading “A Snow Day with Peanut”


Most of her waking existence, the word “alonely” has been her reality.  Yes you read that correctly, it’s not a typo.  A-L-O-N-E-L-Y.  It is a state of being she has inadvertently chosen, yet not completely felt comfortable wearing. Often encircled by wonderful friends, yet she is somehow absolutely by her…SELF. Alonely sings to her in throughout sleep and wakefulness.  It hums the monotone song that she is missing something.  StrangeContinue reading “Alonely”

Unspoken I Love You’s

Curled around him with her head on his chest, Feeling a heartbeat;  a rhythmic message Too obvious to utter aloud. Never having felt so peaceful and loved.   His message is crystal clear; yet, inaudible To the untrained ear. But her ears have been battle tested. She hears without question the message.   Laughing together spontaneously, Amazing how easily theyContinue reading “Unspoken I Love You’s”

Hope: I Want to Feel Normal Again

A Chapter from my life that explains my attitude toward my cancer.  For me, life changing events are part of living and to successfully navigate our existence, I must always find the glass half full.  I have always searched for normalcy, and I have finally discovered the path to joy.  Love yourself and others.  Notice the beautiful thingsContinue reading “Hope: I Want to Feel Normal Again”