Cancer #5: Still Waiting…

Sept 9, 2015 I left work again today to meet my surgeon, Dr McNeir.  Of course, it did not feel warm, nor fuzzy when I announced I had another appointment. I don’t think asking for some compassion is wrong. My boss is kind of cold. The surgeon seemed personable and scheduled my lymphectomy on FridayContinue reading “Cancer #5: Still Waiting…”

Cancer: Battle With Lymphoma

The aging man lay next to the mature woman, his leg wrapped around hers, his arm lying over the top of her body with his fingers gently touching her thigh.  She felt all the emotion of his thoughts as he breathed in and out.  She was transported to a place she never known with another. Continue reading “Cancer: Battle With Lymphoma”


Most of her waking existence, the word “alonely” has been her reality.  Yes you read that correctly, it’s not a typo.  A-L-O-N-E-L-Y.  It is a state of being she has inadvertently chosen, yet not completely felt comfortable wearing. Often encircled by wonderful friends, yet she is somehow absolutely by her…SELF. Alonely sings to her in throughout sleep and wakefulness.  It hums the monotone song that she is missing something.  StrangeContinue reading “Alonely”