Me for Her

Such dark songs on the radio; Words of hurt; it’s insane.

And yet I step into the light- Satisfaction mine to gain

Sweet baby screams in pain, and I am wordless to explain

How it all goes on and on and on.


No answers to be found; Though I’ve surely looked around

I love her more than myself, My mind is certain now.

Freedom is NOT to know. I never wonder where I’ll go.

After this life is there more and more and more?


My solution is so near, but some think I will go below.

Am I ready? Do I fear? Dogma swims in my ear…

Many people say they know, but I just feel it’s time to go

Day after day, we hope and hope and hope.


Baby’s life hangs in the balance, so I’ve got to persevere

I’m afraid she won’t live, so I talk loud so He will hear…

Trade me for her. I’ve lived. I’m close to done and so…

Take me for her. Take me! TAKE ME!


I’m not afraid. Just let her live! These are not just mere words.

God, if you need to take someone, I’ve lived. Take me for her.

Sweet baby gains weight and begins to improve, and I infer

That my days are numbered, numbered, numbered.


Two years pass by; cancer eats my blood, but each day I enjoy

Sweet baby girl runs and plays with all the girls and boys

The lump, malignant, not curable, a perfect slow death foe.

Keeps me wondering when I shall go, shall go, shall go.


Such beautiful songs on the radio; words of comfort…It is peace!

When I step into the light– The pain and darkness cease.

Sweet baby screams with delight, and I am empowered by love

I know there is a God above, above, above.


Published by Eclectra

"Live never to be ashamed if anything you do or say is published around the world - even if what is published is not true." Richard Bach, Illusions, p. 60

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