Fists and Fear Don’t Fix the Future

Susan slumped over the tub as she sobbed and mourned. She clutched the bottle of pills more tightly wondering how she could go through with it. Susan didn’t want to die, but Rick had said, “Our family would be better off if you were just dead. Your damn attitude keeps us from enjoying any happiness.”Continue reading “Fists and Fear Don’t Fix the Future”

Should Churches Serve People, or People Serve Churches?

Where are you most likely to speak with God? Is it even possible to talk with Him? From an experience of deep pain I want to explore one reason for the decline in religious affiliation in recent decades. I will discuss how we can strengthen our self-worth, and feel more satisfied with life. The bookContinue reading “Should Churches Serve People, or People Serve Churches?”

When Fathers’ Rights are Restricted, Children Suffer

There are situations in which courts must protect a parent and child. This article does not apply to circumstances in which abuse or threat of abuse jeopardizes the safety of a child or parent. Daddy was my champion. We were bonded tightly, as he was the stabilizer in my family. My earliest, remarkable memories wereContinue reading “When Fathers’ Rights are Restricted, Children Suffer”

Believe in Yourself, Even in the 9th Hour

One day, my husband and I engaged in a mild dispute about something unimportant. In my mind, I blamed him for our miscommunication. His thoughts remain unspoken, but he turned away and rolled his eyes. Anyone ever experienced a moment like this? All marriages have two people, so differences are unavoidable and not a bigContinue reading “Believe in Yourself, Even in the 9th Hour”

February 14th: Whom Do You Love?

Flowers, candy, cards, plush stuffed animals, chocolate-dipped strawberries, are traditional gifts on this day to demonstrate love between people. Most people desire love, and during this holiday millions of dollars are spent on professing our love for one another. I propose a challenge. I ask you to look within yourself and commit to loving yourselfContinue reading “February 14th: Whom Do You Love?”