Dancing Leaves

The old woman wrapped herself in the bearskin blanket, Shivering from cold within the rustic cabin in the woods. The Big Toothed Aspen rose loftily outside the window. Thinking of her childhood, her thoughts meandered.   Leaves on the aspen danced theatrically with the wind, Her eyes twinkled with encounters she remembered. The wind, theContinue reading “Dancing Leaves”

Unspoken I Love You’s

Curled around him with her head on his chest, Feeling a heartbeat;  a rhythmic message Too obvious to utter aloud. Never having felt so peaceful and loved.   His message is crystal clear; yet, inaudible To the untrained ear. But her ears have been battle tested. She hears without question the message.   Laughing together spontaneously, Amazing how easily theyContinue reading “Unspoken I Love You’s”

You Win; I am Dead

February 15, 2011, several years after an abusive relationship, I wrote this poem.  I revised it again today because I have survived! You win. I’m dead. Chopped up into the little bloody pieces you claimed… would never be found. “I’ll freeze them,” you said, “and carry them out in small trash bags each day.” Ah… You would dispose ofContinue reading “You Win; I am Dead”