Me for Her

Such dark songs on the radio; Words of hurt; it’s insane. And yet I step into the light- Satisfaction mine to gain Sweet baby screams in pain, and I am wordless to explain How it all goes on and on and on.   No answers to be found; Though I’ve surely looked around I love her moreContinue reading “Me for Her”

Hope: I Want to Feel Normal Again

A Chapter from my life that explains my attitude toward my cancer.  For me, life changing events are part of living and to successfully navigate our existence, I must always find the glass half full.  I have always searched for normalcy, and I have finally discovered the path to joy.  Love yourself and others.  Notice the beautiful thingsContinue reading “Hope: I Want to Feel Normal Again”

You Win; I am Dead

February 15, 2011, several years after an abusive relationship, I wrote this poem.  I revised it again today because I have survived! You win. I’m dead. Chopped up into the little bloody pieces you claimed… would never be found. “I’ll freeze them,” you said, “and carry them out in small trash bags each day.” Ah… You would dispose ofContinue reading “You Win; I am Dead”