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I tried my  first experience with mindfulness this morning!

I bought this book:  – How Mindfulness Can Change Your Life in 10 Minutes a Day, A Guided Meditation by Andy Puddicombe

For the first time I feel like I really accomplished something.  It was such a pleasant experience when I followed the steps.  I felt so much at peace when I finished.  No super thing happened, I just became aware of the moment that I was in.  I was supposed to set a timer for 10 minutes, but I didn’t want to wake my husband, so I just let go.  I was “in the moment” for 14 minutes.

I did feel an excessive love and actual arms around me when I began to become aware of my body.  Then my mind peacefully wandered to the fear I feel inside.  This feeling kind of stuck with me.  I didn’t try to control anything.  I just felt.  Many fears.

I am definitely covering by “acting” fearless all the time.  Maybe I will just try to feel what I’m feeling and acknowledge it.  Allow the fear to be inside me, but not to control me.  During meditation, I knew I was safe and comfortable.  It was okay to feel anything because nothing would happen.

Isn’t it true with all the happenings in my life that I have passed through horrible things and I am still here, still living, breathing, even happy.  I thoroughly enjoyed this moment of mindfulness.  I am going to continue this practice and see how it affects me in the future.

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