My Surprise Calendar

Waking. Sleeping. Working. What is different for me this year?

I saw a little Zen pad calendar with daily sayings for 2018 in Barnes and Noble a couple of years ago. I grabbed it on my way out as a “see it, buy it” purchase. Laughingly, each day I would read each little quote and ponder upon for the day.

Amazingly, it changed my heart. Last December I thought about doing it again for 2019, but I shrugged it off. A few weeks ago, I realized that those little quotes kept me centered for the day. They set my tone.

I am not associated with Buddhism , nor any religion, but I enjoy reading and learning. As a child, I attended a church and I was taught to study scriptures everyday preferably in the morning. I hated it because it was ritualistic and meaningless. I now believe that my small Zen calendar full of quotes for each day has helped center my thoughts on the positive and focus me toward the goal of remaining true to myself.

The recommendation I have for everyone is to read a positive bible verse, or a bit of the Chicken Soup book as part of your morning ritual for a month. There are so many books out there full of positive thoughts. I am starting again tomorrow, and I can’t wait!

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"Live never to be ashamed if anything you do or say is published around the world - even if what is published is not true." Richard Bach, Illusions, p. 60

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